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Johan and Mimi de Meyer, #unfenceSA

Johan de Meyer and Mimi de Meyer are the founders of #unfenceSA, an initiative to help ordinary South Africans overcome apartheid’s legacy of racism, prejudice, and economic inequality.

Growing up as a white South African, Johan was a direct beneficiary of apartheid-era policies. Unfortunately, the privileges that Johan and other white South Africans received from institutionalized policies of racial discrimination are still largely unrecognized in mainstream society, leading to a system of de facto racial segregation and economic inequality.

Through his project, #unfenceSA, Johan is using the privileges he received in his youth to help communities dismantle the racial, social, and economic fences that currently divide communities throughout the country.

Working together with Mimi de Meyer, over the next 12 months Johan will host a series of cultural events and weekend retreats for community leaders in order to foster dialogue, understanding, and intercommunity cooperation on a path to reconciliation.

Additionally, #unfenceSA will promote restitution by mapping out opportunities for ordinary South Africans to get involved in rebuilding communities of color while supporting township-based businesses and social enterprises.

For more information, please follow #unfenceSA on Facebook or Instagram.

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