Joe Bock - Benchwarmers Basketball

Joe Bock – Benchwarmers Basketball

Benchwarmers Basketball is a program that takes place at Cheviot Hills Recreation Center, a park in Los Angeles. It allows kids, ages 8-14, that are not athletic to play basketball with kids that are at their same level. The mission is to allow kids that are not athletic to play team sports in a meaningful way so they can feel as normal as most kids that are normally athletic.

Benchwarmers Basketball was started by Joe Bock after he retired about 10 years ago. The program has improved the self-esteem of many kids. Also, many of the kids have become more athletic because they have a chance to play which they don’t ordinarily get because they are shunned on the playground.

Now Benchwarmers Basketball would like to expand to other locations. The most important thing needed to do this is to find volunteers that will run the program at another park. The ideal candidate would be either someone who is retired and has the time or the parent of a kid that fits the profile. There should be a no problem getting kids as there is huge need. Anyone interested can contact Joe Bock at [email protected] and he will be more than happy to help you get started. A potential volunteer need not be athletic. A parent made a video about the program that can be seen at: