Jocelyn Aceves

Jocelyn Aceves, Ethnic Studies Studio Art – Escuelita Aztlan

Date grant awarded: 03/16/2017

The youth of this group, Escuelita Aztlan Los Angeles, are flagships for creating community art that does not exist in this community.

The facilitators are Guadalupe Carrasco, Desiree Gaytan, Sylvia Urdiano and Christina Lares. The leader of the youth is Jocelyn Aceves. Their project is necessary in the Pico Rivera and South Central Los Angeles, where public art and culture based projects are rare. The directly affected population is made up of mainly Mexican-American and Central-American yet there is a lack of events, art and projects based on culture.

This project not only is about teaching art component focusing around studio art with an emphasis on Ethnic Studies (Chicano art, Native American art, African American art, Asian American art…) but it is also about youth creating a class/community mural as their final project. This project would encompass healing the trauma created by a void of culturally based sponsored events. These youth will be a part of community circles throughout the summer that consist of Ethnic Studies based curricula, and then they will plan, design, prepare and paint a community mural.