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Jo-Anne McArthur, We Animals’ Humane Education Program

The ‘We Animals’ Humane Education Program, was founded by photojournalist Jo-Anne McArthur and supported by board members Anna Pippus, Karol Orzechowski, and Sandy Yuen. It is a humane education presentation series delivered in classrooms, library, or conference settings for small or large groups of adults or youth.

The program fosters awe, curiosity, and critical thinking about our relationships with animals. Incorporating Jo-Anne’s beautiful photos, this project uniquely compels people to empathize with animals, their stories, and their struggles, and inspires them to be agents of positive change in their community by living the ethics of reverence, respect and responsibility for animals.

This grant was made in partnership with The Thinking Vegan.  Please check out We Animals TwitterFacebook  and website for more information.

GRANT AWARD DATE:  June 13, 2014

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