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Jimmy Otim, Health Care Alliance

Date grant awarded: June 27, 2017

Social change trainer and community activist Suzan Wilmot has had the opportunity to help others find and pursue their own life meanings and is very excited to give her first flow fund to Jimmy Otim.

In Uganda in the past, the social safety net for elderly and disabled people was their families. Families automatically looked after their elderly parents, grandparents, and those with disabilities, and there was more respect for their care. Yet now, a faster paced economic system has forced younger adults to become more focused on self and surviving, losing this tradition, and leaving groups of elderly people to fend for themselves.

After completing his bachelors degree in Philosophy and Social studies from Pontiffical Urban University in Rome, Jimmy recognized the need for more programs that would empower the community in addition to providing palliative and nursing care. He was moved to take action, and started Health Care Alliance Lira, a registered community-based organization and a registered member of Palliative Care Association of Uganda, to provide palliative and nursing care for the elderly, especially those living with disabilities, those who are bedridden, and patients who are dealing with a terminal illnesses like paralysis, stroke, HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis B, and cancer. Services include mental health counseling, pain management, health education, physical therapy, economic training, and legal aid services.

The Pollination Project Flow Fund will be used to create an earned income stream to purchase seeds that will allow the group to grow and sell produce such as hot peppers, bananas, beans and posho.

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