Jimmy Okello, Stove Making for Energy Conservation

Date grant awarded: June 27, 2016

Jimmy Amone, the Team Leader for our East Africa Hub, says: “global warming is the talk of the day and it’s the responsibility of each and every one to join hands in the fight.” In Uganda, deforestation plays a huge role in climate change, and many trees are cut down to provide fuel for cooking fires which, in turn, cause respiratory damage to many community members.

In Pacudu village in the Kitgum district of Northern Uganda, the Lacan Okun group are showing their commitment to fighting climate change at a community level by coming together to produce energy saving stoves which burn cleanly and require far less fuel. The project will bolster the community financially, will also aid in reducing the consumption of fire wood for households in the community, and reduce their exposure to dangerous fumes from cooking fires.

Many of the community speak little English, and so have limited access to external funding. This project was funded through The Pollination Project’s Hub Program after Team Leader, Jimmy Amone, become inspired by the group’s work to protect the environment, and worked with Jimmy Okello to support the community in their efforts. This flow fund is bridging the connection between their world and ours, giving the people and project access to funding that they would otherwise struggle to gain due to challenges like illiteracy and language barriers. With this grant, the community group will be able to purchase the materials needed to build the stoves, and help ensure the project gets successfully off the ground!