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Three adults and one child stand behind a covering for plant seedlings.

Jimmy Okello, Canring Tree Nursery

Trees are a part of life that many of us around the globe take for granted. Their roots go deep into the Earth while branches extend into the air, creating an ecosystem that provide habitat and food for animals while releasing oxygen that allow us to breathe. Moreover, these plants provide wood for cooking and constructing shelters. In November 2014, Jimmy Okello formed the Canring Tree Nursery in Lagoro Sub-County, Uganda to allow the community to replace the trees that had been cut for said purposes. The nursery brings the idea of tree planting closer to the community and closely connects how ones actions can affect the greater society and world. Thirteen months later and Jimmy and his project are recipients of a flow fund, allowing him to extend his vision.

Since its formation, Canring has been a model site for providing sensitizations on ending global warming in addition to acting as a point of reference for training individuals and groups on how to start a nursery. Furthermore, Jimmy provides startup seeds along with equipment to empower individuals to conserve, protect and sustain the environment.

One of the field staff shares that, “Canring is among the few groups in East Acholi who cares about the environment and the community. Taking the lead in environmental sustainability in an area where most of the people are only focused to human survival and not the environment takes passion, experience and skills.”


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