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Amone Jimmy walks through the basketball court.

Jimmy Amone, Basketball Court Construction

In a place once ravaged with a 23-year civil war that left thousands of youth without families and resources now lies a basketball court that brings together a community of all ages, backgrounds and likes. In 2014 Jimmy Amone received a $1,000 seed grant from The Pollination Project and turned his dream of creating a Community Basketball Court into a reality. Located in Kitgum, Uganda amongst a soccer pitch, gardens and dirt roads is a court where people gather to bring social change to society.

Since construction of the court a safe space has been added to the town where youth have been able to discover new passions, develop talents and use their free time in a constructive manner. The youth have been able to come together to provide workshops and programs ranging from sports and health to malaria prevention and bed net distribution. Jimmy’s goal since the beginning has been to, “…unite people with different backgrounds in life and from diverse ethnic backgrounds.”

With the additional $300 from the flow fund, Jimmy will be able to level the court, fence the area, purchase more basketballs and train the participants in the understanding of the game.

To see more about the work being done please visit their Facebook page.

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