Jiapsi, Cenyelitzli Seeds – BLR: Barrio Logan Roots

Logan Heights, located in San Diego, was determined to be the number one most environmentally contaminated neighborhood. Despite that, the community in Logan Heights is strong. As an environmentalist, Jiapsi refuses to stand by while surrounding industries biologically harm his friends and family. He decided to start an environmentalist organization called Cenyelitzli Seeds to work towards environmental health.

Their project, Barrio Logan Roots (BLR), is to help mend wounds caused by industrialization (the source of pollution) in a way that will provide much more for the community and environment. Their objective is to construct various types of gardens throughout Logan Heights. These gardens hold a strong purpose. The organizers intend on using as many indigenous plants as possible to make gardens that are specifically designed to clean contaminated air, water, and soil. Other gardens will be designed to encourage pollinators, like bees and butterflies.

The other gardens will be focused on edible plants. Their organization acknowledges that they can’t always change the industrial world, but they can change their approach towards taking care of themselves and their spaces without abandoning their roots.