Jessica Ammerman – Blooms of Blessing

Blooms of Blessing is a project started by Jessica Ammerman and The Ammerman Family that brings flowers and plants to schools, preschools, hospice homes and other deserving organizations in their community. Located in Concord, NC, Blooms of Blessing has made it their mission to save flowers that were otherwise being thrown away at local garden centers and use those flowers and plants to donate, establish, and maintain community gardens throughout the local area. They have also made it their mission to grow and incorporate pollinator friendly plants in these community gardens to promote healthy pollinators, which in turn promotes healthy, thriving gardens.

This project idea came to Jessica after working on the front line of several garden centers in her community for almost two years. She witnessed how many plants were being tossed out. For two years she wondered why these plants could not go to worthy organizations in the community rather than being thrown out, and from there, Blooms of Blessing was born.

Thanks to The Pollination Project grant, they will be purchasing promotional marketing materials to help them spread their organization and mission in local garden centers to build partnerships for future donations. They also want to reach out to potential donors for fundraising as well as schools and other sites that they would like to partner with and establish future community gardens. This grant will also allow them to buy needed supplies including potting soil, planting pots, seeds, building materials, etc. to begin planting this fall to meet their goal of donating 250+ pollinator plants throughout their local community in the Spring of 2019. It also provides total funding to establish their first 2 community garden locations in the Spring of 2019. Blooms of Blessing is beyond thankful and grateful to have been chosen to receive this grant and they know that this is just the beginning of big things to come!