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Jennifer Dolan, Glean Central Wisconsin

Jennifer Dolan is the cofounder and manager of Glean Central Wisconsin, an initiative to collect produce from local farmers and to distribute it to local food pantries. The program is a win-win: it keeps food out of the landfill and redirects it to pantries, thereby increasing access to healthy, locally grown produce for low income residents.

Jennifer previously worked with a similar initiative in Stevens Point, Wisconsin, but is now expanding the operation into Wisconsin Rapids (an area with high rates of unemployment and clinical obesity). With the help of several volunteers from Clean Green Action (CGA), Jennifer has arranged for donations of fresh fruits and vegetables from vendors at local farmers markets.

All donations are weighed and vendors are given receipts to use for tax purposes. Additionally, donations are packaged with vegan recipe cards and given to The Neighborhood Table, a local soup kitchen that operates one of the community’s pantries. The project benefits pantry clients, local farmers, and the community as a whole.

Jennifer states, “Healthy foods need to be more accessible for low-income residents. Gleaning in order to provide healthy, local foods to these residents is a realistic solution to this problem.”

For more information, please follow Glean Central Wisconsin’s Twitter feed or visit their Facebook page or website.

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