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Jenna Bardroff, Solutionary Species

Date grant awarded: July 16, 2016

Solutionary Species is an educational organization dedicated to bringing people together through compassion for other people, animals, and the environment. To motivate and empower youth to take part in important solutionary efforts, Solutionary Heroes Summer Camp was established and will take place at Cedar Lakes Woods & Gardens, a unique botanical garden in Williston, Florida. Children will learn about and develop solutions for their own lives and for the planet. Solutionary Species’ outreach educational programs teach children, as well as adults to become active and compassionate leaders, develop social and advocacy skills, gain knowledge of conflict resolution, understand environmental stewardship, and much more. The team has expressed their deep gratitude to The Pollination Project. As a result of the encouragement they’ve received from TPP, their ideas for Solutionary Species are growing faster than they could have imagined. Solutionary Species now offer 5 different education outreach presentations and will soon be offering a Compassion Points Rewards Program to involve and motivate people to participate in solutionary action in their daily lives and communities.

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