Jeff Melillo, Mindful Leaders, Mindful Learners

Jeff Melillo, a PhD doctoral student in Educational Psychology, Part Time Lecturer and Higher Education Administrator in New Brunswick, New Jersey, recently left the secondary classroom where he was an 11th grade AP English teacher to conduct research around and to advocate for the benefits of incorporating contemplative practices- particularly mindfulness meditation- into secular organizations and learning spaces. The Mindful Leaders, Mindful Learners project will utilize a working group model that combines meditation with conversation, experience with reflection.  This project will support organizational diversity and create mindful spaces that support various populations within the Rutgers University community but focus on two non traditional populations: students who were previously incarcerated and student veterans.   The intention of the project is to integrate a working group meditation model into organizational learning spaces and consider the benefits of these practices for participants.

In this project, Jeff hopes to “empower learners and leaders who are interested in cultivating mindful attention, compassion, empathy, and nonjudgmental attitudes in order to promote sustainable, positive, healthy learning spaces.”

GRANT AWARD DATE:  August 15, 2014