Jean Bradbury – Studio Syria

Grantee Name: Jean Bradbury
Project Name: Studio Syria
Grant Location: Jordan

Project Description: Studio Syria was established in 2013 to bring creative educational supplies and classes to Syrians living as refugees in Jordan. Founder Jean Bradbury travels to Jordan once or twice a year to hold art workshops with children and teachers both in refugee camps, clinics and informal rural settings like open fields and parking lots. She believes that all people deserve to be able to express themselves and to create joy with the help of paper, pencils, and paint. The simple donation of pencils and school notebooks reminds children and their families that they are not forgotten, even as the Syrian war drags on.

Over the years Studio Syria has partnered with Save the Children Jordan, Mercy Corps, IRD (International Relief and Development), IRC (International Rescue Committee) and Salaam Medical Missions. She has connected Syrian refugee artists isolated in refugee camps with Jordanian artists for collaborative projects such as one that connected a Syrian calligrapher living in Zaatari Camp with a group of Jordanian women producing naturally dyed textiles in rural Jordan.