Jean Black – Black Camera Productions

Jean Black is the founder of Black Camera Productions/ BCP’s Youth Media Training Camp, located in Oakland, CA.

BCP provides media skill training workshops for youth to learn how to express themselves while also hosting engaging events, all to shine a light on ways we can take action to make our world better. Jean Black is the founder of BCP and operates as a filmmaker and activist in the Bay area, using media and art to create awareness around solutions that exist to many of our personal and community challenges.

BCP is passionate about the issues of housing insecurity and mental health: they see the effects of families and neighbors having to work low-paying jobs to make ends meet, and the constant threat and stress of homelessness for young people in particular.

Jean saw the need for awareness in media when she realized how much informative and positive media guided her in the right directions in life, allowing her to transform her lived experiences into art that contributes to her community in an uplifting and enlightening way.

With the help of the Pollination Project, BCP will be able to hold more trainings and workshops with better equipment. During the trainings they will talk about what makes a meaningful and impactful story. They will have fun activities drafting out stories that the youth will document. Toward the middle of the camp, every youth will have the chance to learn how to use a camera, audio equipment and editing software in order to complete their digital stories. The youth digital stories will be showcased at a BCP Film screening. With the Pollination Project’s support and help with drawing awareness to the social enterprise, BCP is excited to reach extended communities, creating one big community!