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Janet Chambers, Smart Girl

Janet Chambers, a Public Relations Professional and self-employed business woman, helps young women realize their potential. Janet explains, “mentorship is a very strong, positive method of helping young people achieve.” Janet based her new program, Smart Girl, on the successful Big Brothers/Big Sister Club model, but instead of focusing on younger children, targets her program at high school girls. She adapted it to be even more effective by creating a way for the individual girls to benefit from a “group accountability” aspect.

The grant Janet receives will be used to bring in other professional role models for special programming, provide lunch time discussion groups, and retreats for special topics. The topics will include: What’s after graduation, How to have successful relationships, How to earn, save and spend like a grown-up,  College or What, and What is my purpose in life?

Janet’s goal is to mentor and assist at least 200 girls with developing their plans for life after graduation from high school.

GRANT AWARD DATE: July 13, 2015

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