Jamie Quam and Jonathon Quam, Forward: Anger Into Action 

In 2013, a report on equity and race illuminated a reality most of Madison, Wisconsin’s black community had experienced for a long time: a child’s opportunity to succeed is limited by the color of their skin. Jamie Quam and Jonathon Quam are a brother and sister who  grew up in a community just outside of Madison. Having spent their formative adult years living in Madison, they both developed a love for the city and the social justice culture it cultivates. 

The siblings have since learned, however, about another side of the city, one where decades old racial disparities have taken their toll on generations of families. Jamie and Jonathon decided to document the current dialogue in Madison to record how these cycles of disparity have compounded over time and how much racial justice work is left to be done, even in a city known as one of the best places to live.

Through their project, “Forward: Anger Into Action,” both Jamie and Jonathon are hoping to create a documentary that consists of interviews and observational footage of grassroots work that will educate the community about the true impact of racial injustice, putting faces to cold statistics and recording the human cost that a lack of progress creates. The completed film will be ready for distribution by the end of May 2017. This Grant will help the Quams secure a freelance cinematographer to film major events in Madison on a continual basis, ensuring nothing is missed and allowing money to be put back into the local film community. 

For more information visit their Website, Facebook and Twitter.

GRANT AWARD DATE: October 9th, 2015