James Scott

By Nora Kramer, Youth Empowered Action Camp

It’s hard to imagine one person having a bigger impact in “veganizing” a major city than Jamey Scott has had on Dallas, Texas. Dallas does not immediately spring to mind as vegan-friendly, but thanks to Jamey, Dallas has become home to many popular veg restaurants, a vibrant vegan social scene,  bars with vegan menus, donut shops with vegan donuts, a gas station with vegan soft serve, and one of the best vegfests in the country.

Jamey Scott is the founder of a lot of things. He co-founded and runs the great local online resource DallasVegan.com,  (also facebook.com/dallasvegan ) which maintains a continually expanding restaurant guide and regular blog posts about veg goings-on — most of which Jamey has a hand in, too. Jamey started and runs the successful Dallas Vegan Drinks night,  a popular monthly gathering great for new and longtime vegans, held at bars around town, many of which he has worked with to help them understand vegan eating, to create a vegan menu, and to recognize the growing demand for vegan meals.

If that weren’t enough,  Jamey is also the founder and director of the Texas Veggie Fair (also facebook.com/texasveggiefair), as hip, fun, delicious, innovative, and educational as any vegfest in the country. The Fifth Annual is coming up October 19. Oh, and he has a full-time job and is also one of the nicest people you’re likely to meet. If more of us followed Jamey’s lead, we would surely have a far more veg-friendly country and world.