Jada Imani - Tatu Vision

Jada Imani – Tatu Vision

We address toxicity in the media, including drug culture, violence, and misogyny that dominates mainstream music, arts, and pop culture. We offer an alternative platforms for emerging artists, healers and visionaries to share their gifts and talents by creating music as well as poetry, workshops, articles, new creative projects. We help facilitate multi-generational and multicultural networking spaces and help young people step into creative leadership roles.

I remain inspired to do this work as I have seen how we can effectively shift culture and build intentional community through it. By creating our platforms, we reclaim narratives and reinvigorate historically marginalized voices. This is crucial to recognize that each person has a unique and valuable contribution to the global community and we can support the realization of inner potential with the support and accountability from our loving network.

The initial seed grant allowed us to expand our online content creation platform. We began a thriving monthly newsletter with dozens of subscribers featuring an artist spotlight written by our new in-house writer Dylan Connell. Additionally, I began writing an article series covering meaningful and urgent topics that hit the ground running with over 60 viewers per article in the first month. We were also able to pay for and create a 30-minute documentary that covers our work and the story of Alan Blueford. The doc includes several interviews from the artists we support along with their music in the film and 10 tips for building a movement from the ground up. We have been been submitting it to various film festivals such as KQED’s Film School Shorts.

We are now planning a big community show in Spring and the Impact Grant will help us purchase a venue space and pay artists. We have shows lined up in Cincinnati, Denver and Durban, South Africa!

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We invited eligible grantees to apply for up to $5,000 in Impact Grants which will allow them to apply their creativity and ingenuity to grow their projects to greater heights.

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