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Community members hold large rice sacks of crops on their heads

Jacob Oroma, Group Agricultural Farming

For twenty-three years, the people of Northern Uganda experienced civil unrest, causing the community to relocate to Internally Displaced People’s Camps for safety. These camps often not only a sense of security but furthermore free food amongst other relief aid. Remaining in these camps for extended periods of time created a system of dependence and as the region undergoes the healing process; they now face challenges that affect their food security.

The seasons used to be predictable, allowing farmers to create a seasonal calendar that would properly feed the community and give a sense of economic stability. With the climate changing and dry season lasting longer, the seasonal calendars are unpredictable and food is finished before the height of the dry season. To address this, Jacob Oroma has created the Group Agricultural Framing project in Madi Opei, Uganda, which will help to increase crop yields to the community alongside improving the livelihoods of disabled persons and child headed households.

In the next year, Jacob will work to increase ten acres of cultivation to include a myriad of crops, produce a documentary regarding group farming and the need to move away from government dependence and extend the group farming technique to nearby, neighboring communities. Jacob will be working with Kate Miller, a Peace Corps Uganda Volunteer, and Jimmy Amone, a fellow Pollination Project grantee.

With a $1,000 seed grant from The Pollination Project, Jacob will be able to purchase the fundamentals for his groups, including gumboots, hoes and seeds. To continue the project, the group will create monthly savings, which will earn interest from borrowers.


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