Irumba Juma Siriwayo – Mushroom Farming for women sustainable livelihood

Irumba Juma Siriwayo is the founder of the project, Mushroom Farming for Women’s Sustainable Livelihood, located in Uganda. The project seeks to share knowledge on the modern art and science of indoor mushroom cultivation to a group of 20 women. It is a profitable agribusiness venture capable of improving livelihoods and diets, reducing waste, empowering women and youth, boosting micro enterprises and conserving natural resources. Additionally, women will be able to afford a good source of protein that tastes better than meat.

Unemployed women in the region face food insecurity, poverty, malnutrition, and pollution, which is why Irumba Juma Siriwayo wants to provide them with skills that can change their situations. The Pollination Project grant will be used to purchase mushroom spawns.