Modestly Cover Diaper Bank of Essex County

Introducing the Cloth Concept – Modestly Cover Diaper Bank of Essex County

Diaper Banks exists solely for the purpose of keeping infants and toddlers clean and dry. We address the diaper disparity by any means necessary! The women and girls we serve never thought they would ever find diapers for free. With natural disasters occuring around the world, a mother never knows when she will run out of diapers. As they learn to cloth diaper, it gives them not only an emergency kit but another option in emergencies. Our responsibility is simple… To learn as many ways as we can to reduce diaper need through education, advocacy and most of all compassion!

The identification I have when it comes to not having an adequate supply of diapers pushes me to drive across town after working 8-hours to a mother who need my services. When I visit this woman, I see me.
I want people to think about when their children were born. Then think about the time you ran out of supplies to care for them. What did you do? As time goes on, more and more people will seek us out and if we are not there what will happen to the innocent infants and toddlers?

That initial grant was so important because it was a new concept that we introduced and we needed to reach as many families as we could. The need in our target area is extremely great and people did not know that Diaper Banks existed. Once we were able to connect with agencies, seniors, and mothers through a website, we were able to better support our community and grow!

With subsequent funding in the form of an Impact Grant, I will be able to strategize a plan to find a place where we can collaborate and work with other agencies to address this need. With a year of rent off our backs, we can actually breathe and work towards our mission!

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