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International Spay Neuter Network – ISNN – Whitehouse, Jamaica

When you hear the word Jamaica, most folks envision a tropical paradise of blue beaches and hot days lounging around a pool with a cool drink. At least that is what the brochures show you. However outside the resort doors, and away from the affluent neighborhoods, poverty is the norm in Jamaica. The impoverished communities where traditional veterinary services and care are unavailable or limited, are starving dogs and cats giving birth to litters of offspring that can not be fed. Illnesses and injuries go untreated, and the pain of these pets adds to the suffering of their owners. ISNN also identifies that overpopulation contributes directly to human zoonotic disease and parasitical infections.

We at ISNN are a not-for-profit charity group made up of volunteers from all over the US and Canada. We are a group of dedicated Veterinarians and Technicians – in order for a clinic to be successful, it takes 10 veterinarians and 10 technicians, along with many dedicated volunteers. This group of professionals, all have a passion for addressing the overpopulation of unwanted animals in Jamaica, but also back home. ISNN is primarily known for doing high volume surgeries, however we also advise, assist and provide teaching modules to help improve surgery techniques and after care to the Jamaican Veterinary Community. Providing sustainable measures and educating local Veterinarians, volunteers and community residents, helps us maintain our presence and our purpose long after our clinics are completed. All of our efforts and success, are not with help and sacrifices. ISNN works in collaboration with the Jamaican Ministry of Agriculture, JSPCA and Pam Lawson, and the JVMA.

Receiving a grant from The Pollination Project, will be instrumental in funding numerous spay and neuter surgeries – through our mega clinic in Whitehouse, Jamaica, and also through the Animal Care Clinic in Kingston, (Dr. Graham Brown) who provides low-cost surgeries in the community and for rescues, with funding he receives through ISNN. Medications, surgery supplies, educational tools, and recovery housing are instrumental in having a successful clinic. Providing high quality care, and ensuring a safe and comfortable recovery, highlights how we showcase our skills, and still provide compassionate care for our patients.

ISNN has sterilized over 5000 pets and stray animals all over Jamaica in the last 10 years! ISNN and our success is down to amazing dedicated professionals ,rescues and volunteers. We all have a deep commitment to improving the health and welfare of Jamaican street animals; reducing the companion animal overpopulation; and to raise the level of animal welfare consciousness within the communities.