Ingrid Cordes- Neighborhood Cat Advocates


Ingrid and a team of four other women, Sarah Downs, Armeda Ferrini, Sue Evans and Judy Alberico, are starting a new organization, Neighborhood Cat Advocates, in Chico, California.  They have identified and studied the expanding problem of feral cat colonies in their community and decided to do something about it.  Well-meaning residents feed and  shelter feral cats who then reproduce and create these colonies.  Often cats from feral colonies are brought to local shelters and euthanized. By trapping free roaming and feral cats and getting them spayed and neutered, NCA will potentially save the lives of over a thousand cats each year.  The team plans to raise additional funds for spaying and neutering via the support of local stores, and TPP’s grant funds will be used to purchase humane traps to get their project started.