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India Williams - Lyrical Leaders Love Your Body Project

India Williams, Lyrical Leaders Love Your Body Project

Date grant awarded: 4/17/2017

The Love Your Body Poetry Project is an initiative that allows adolescent girls from the Pacesetters of South Jersey and WeCare Youth Peer Leadership Program in Buena, NJ to work with an artist using ekphrastic poetry (art-inspired poetry) as a mechanism for social change. Under the direction of the artist — published writer and poet, Erika Sage Kelley — the girls confront personal and social body image perspectives, including Body Dysmorphic Disorder, and comment on various forms of art that depict various shapes and body sizes.

The project raises awareness about body image disorders through poetry and empowers the girls to inspire social change that will promote, rather than demolish health and well-being, and celebrate and delight in their physical bodies.

Pacesetters of South Jersey’s Founder, India Lark Williams, and WeCare’s Founder, Brenda Phillips, teamed up for the Lyrical Leaders Initiative, which promotes healthy bodies and healthy images. Two projects that complement one another — WeCare Sports 4 Life Project and The Love Your Body Poetry Project — fall under the Lyrical Leaders Initiative. WeCare Sports 4 Life allows for the inclusion of fitness training and healthy living coaching and a 5K Running Club, facilitated by a Certified Personal Trainer.

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