Imran Battla

Imran Battla, Urban Garden Resiliency Oasis

Imran Battla, Urban Garden Resiliency Oasis

“I believe we should all be connected to food production, and it should happen everywhere, from urban to rural communities and every topsoil-laden crevice and traffic-congested island in between,” says Imran Battla.

The Urban Garden Resiliency Oasis (UGRO) is a ¾ acre urban garden situated in the heart of the West Oakland community in SW Atlanta. The goal is to create value added programming for Atlanta Public High School students and community residents. For many, it will be the first time they will be able to immerse in gardening and experience how healthy food is grown by creating an urban garden with their own hands. UGRO will eventually contain a water catchment system, two new compost areas, seven raised beds, a trellis, and a labyrinth in order to create an amazing space for community involvement.

The initial programming for the garden involves several partners to ensure the presence of a steady volunteer base needed to get the garden up and running.  However, it is their intention to have members of the West Oakland Community serve as leaders over the garden within the course of the next few years.   In the Summer, 2013 harvest, URGO hopes to distriubute 300+ lbs of food to 20 families.  Pollination Project funds will be used for gardening equipment like a mower, tiller and garden tools.