Immaculate 'Sherry' Adhiambo - Liquid Gold

Immaculate ‘Sherry’ Adhiambo – Liquid Gold

Date grant awarded: 12/20/2017

The ‘Liquid Gold’ project, is developed and managed by Immaculate ‘Sherry’ Adhiambo, in the Bumala area of Butula District, Busia County, Western Kenya. This project aims to serve vulnerable women farmers, specifically widows and or single mothers. I made this choice because I have observed so many women having a hard time providing for their families due to low income generating opportunities, and it is obvious that widows and women without partners, and who have children, are the most affected. It is my motivation to help ease their burden, to give them the ability to provide a decent meal for their families, and a life.

The Liquid Gold project strives to help families farm on at least an eighth of an acre. The crops will be mainly sunflower or peanuts, and even pawpaw and watermelon. But the primary target is sunflower, which when pressed for oil, we have the ‘Liquid Gold’ . Having land is not a primary requirement, because those without, but with the desire, will have a piece of land arranged for them to farm on, at no cost, and their effort in tiling, tending and harvesting the crops is what will be required, and rewarded upon successfully putting their produce in the market. The Liquid Gold project adds value to the crops and shares the economic benefit among those most in need within the community.