Ikhile Favour Osasenaga & the GELA Team – Youth Skillup -3 60 and Adolescent Career Guidance Project

My interest was sparked by my passion to fight idleness and its effects such as social vices and unemployment among youths, ultimately reducing poverty in society. After completing the Young Africans Leaders Initiative (YALI) program in 2018, I began to see the urgent need to save the next generation leaders from the effects of poor soft skills. I had seen youth who graduated with some of the best results in school wait frustratedly for a job. It seemed to me that the high schools and colleges were either not doing enough or did not know what they should be doing. There was therefore a need to train, inspire and mentor the next generation leaders to evade the crises at the job market – hence the Youth Skillup -3 60 and Adolescent Career Guidance Project.