Iesha Baldwin - Reduce The Use

Iesha Baldwin, Reduce The Use

Date grant awarded: 03/01/2017

Every year, billions of pounds of plastic end up in the world’s oceans. Plastic televisions, plastic cell phones, plastic straws, plastic radios, plastic cups, plastic bowls. Plastic has become indefinitely inscribed in American culture without any regard to how plastic affects the environment.

The Refills Not Landfills Project is an initiative created by Spelman College student and advocate, Iesha Baldwin, to bring awareness to the negative impacts plastic water bottles have on the environment, marine life, and wildlife. The scholar and advocate is assisted by senior students, Elizabeth Smith and Modester Kamupinda, to bring awareness through environmental trivia questions, social art made from recycled water bottles, blind water testing, and environmental presentations. The project’s goal is to provide students and faculty of Spelman College with an alternative option to consume safe drinking water without the usage of plastic water bottles.

Eliminating plastic water bottles from the lifestyles of students and faculty members from Spelman College will subsequently change the amount of plastic that ends in the ocean.