Idris Ola - Women's Cancer Control Project

Idris Ola, Ife Taiwo-Bello, Aisha Amodu, Temitayo Efunbajo, Abaku Frida, Brenda Odamo, and Tawose-Adebayo Victor. – Women’s Cancer Control Project

Date grant awarded: 01/22/2018

The Women’s Cancer Control Project is an initiative of the Women’s Cancer Prevention and Support for African Society (WOCAPSS-Africa), a population health-based non-profit organization in Nigeria providing cancer prevention, control, and support services for African women. This project uses community-based strategy to combat cancer menace among African women with focus on Ayobo-Ipaja area, a suburb community of Lagos State, Nigeria. It involves monthly cancer awareness campaigns, training of women on Breast Self-Examination, offering of free breast and cervical cancer screenings, and use of data generated for advocacy to improve cancer prevention and care for women through engagement of stakeholders and policy makers at various levels.