Humphrey Otsyula

Humphrey Otsyula – Munami community forest project

Date grant awarded: Auggust 5, 2018

Humphrey Otsyula is the founder of Munami Community Forest Project, located in Kenya. Due to climate change effects such as increased temperatures, the changing of rain patterns, increased water levels to the oceans, and in some cases, reduced water levels in both the rivers and lakes, human beings have suffered a lot as a result.

They have been struggling to survive, especially poor farmers who depend on rain-fed agriculture. One way to help combat these drastic changes is through tree planting. The Munami Community Forest Project centers on training people in planting trees in the community forest to help increase the tree population. More trees results in clearer air and eventually improved biodiversity. The community forest sits on one acre of land and it has different tree species.

With this project, Humprey wants to conserve the environment through soil retention, increase the tree population, and promote community forest education. The Pollination Project grant will help Humphrey purchase tree seeds, work tools, and help him promote forest management and tree planting education.