Cheng Lien Hou

Hou Cheng-lien – Saving land crabs in Kenting National Park in Taiwan

Hou Cheng-lien is the founder of the project, Saving Land Crabs in Kenting National Park, based in Taiwan. Each year at Kenting National Park on the southern tip of Taiwan, a species of crab (about the size of a human hand) will leave the hillside where they live, while carrying up to 200,000 eggs. They will cross a costal highway to reach the ocean to lay their eggs and they will return back to the hillside. This happens between July and October.

The mission of the project is to escort the crabs and help them cross the highway. Volunteers will patrol the highway and use buckets and tools to pick up the crabs if they see approaching traffic so that they don’t get injured in the process. The Pollination Project grant will allow Cheng-lien to purchase safety equipment for himself and his volunteers.