Holly Schlaack, Invisible Kids Project

Invisible Kids ProjectHolly Schlaack is a former caseworker and Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) in Cincinnati, Ohio. She is also the author of Invisible Kids: Marcus Fiesel’s Legacy a book written to educate readers about the crises facing young foster children and empower people to help. Her passion further led to the creation of Invisible Kids Project whose vision is a world where kids in the child protection system are protected from further abuse and neglect. They are supported by a system that functions well and leverages the assets of every citizen. The goal of Invisible Kids Project is to create positive change through community engagement, education, and common sense reform.

For every heartbreaking story in the news regarding a system failure or fatality, there are hundreds more: powerful stories of inspiration, resilience, and desperate need. Telling such stories will engage and empower people to get involved in crafting solutions. Invisible Kids Project is equally committed to educating, inspiring, and supporting the people on the frontlines of child protection who face challenges every day.

Holly and her team believe in the power of empathy, wisdom, and community to transform the current system into an oasis of safety and healing for extremely vulnerable children. Along with their experience, they are relying on dual allies of hope and humor to shine light on a system shrouded in darkness.

Funding from The Pollination Project will be used to develop their website and support community outreach efforts to create an open conversation.