Esther Nyambura Koigi - hero women group

Hero Women Group, Naomi Faith, Jackline – Hero Women Group

According to recent report by United Nations; Human Development Index (HDI) 2017, Kenya reports the unemployment rate at 39.1%. The latest statistics continue to reflect a shockingly high youth unemployment rate which as company’s downside due to harsh economic environment. Esther proposed to educate women on other job opportunities that have been labeled for men and especially in her region. She formed a group of women called Hero’s, which is a registered community based organization to train and link other unemployed single mothers especially to construction jobs.

In order for one to properly execute a construction job, one needs to carry tools and this project proposes to purchase tools to train eight women. From there, these tools will be rented out to women at a small fee until they have earned enough to buy their own equipment.