Henry Nyirenda – Free from Cholera: Fishermen’s initiative2018-02-22T09:31:00+00:00
Henry Nyirenda

Henry Nyirenda – Free from Cholera: Fishermen’s initiative

Date grant awarded: 02/28/2018

The “Free from Cholera: Fishermen’s initiative” project addresses issues of sanitation and hygiene of fishermen at Kachulu fishermen’s camp. This project aims to save lives of members of the community from cholera outbreaks. The fishermen camp has approximately 20 fishermen without proper toilets creating high levels of fecal contamination in parts of the lake close to the camp. This put the fishermen and the whole community at higher risk dying from cholera. Many people along the lake have died of cholera. This project will help reduce the number of deaths and prevent cholera outbreaks.

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