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Heather Seymour, Little Elves for Little Angels

Heather SeymourHeather is the founder of Little Elves for Little Angels, a fledgling nonprofit organization that provides for the needs of less fortunate families in Central Florida.  Heather aims to open a clothing/personal needs closet and food pantry for residents in her region.  They have donations of clothing and other basic needs, but no system to organize or store them.  TPP Funds will be used to purchase used clothing racks, shelving and storage to be able to showcase the donations for the prospective new owners.

We loved Heather because she is one of those inspiring people who believes in paying it forward.  She writes, “Little Elves for Little Angels (LELA) was started by my children who were 7 and 9 at the time. We as a Family have fallen on hard times and had to learn better ways to spend our money and live. Since then, our financial situation has improved and so has our way of life. I am the Founder of LELA and I would like to teach others all I have learned while helping the less fortunate at the same time.”

We recently funded Shakella Washington, a grantee who heard about Heather and LELA and decided to form her own chapter in Southern California.  What a great idea worth spreading!


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