Heather Sevier - A Grounded Lesson For Our Future

Heather Sevier – A Grounded Lesson For Our Future

A Grounded Lesson For Our Future project teaches middle school science students about growing crops with limited soil and no pesticides using a Hydroponic Plant Tower. After harvesting vegetables, the students will donate them to a local food bank. Project founder, Heather Sevier, is motivated by students being compassionate and wants them to always remember that the greatest joy can be found in helping others.

The current world population is 7.4 billion people and rising. With those numbers comes an increasing need to grow food in different ways. Hydroponic plant towers are a great solution to that problem. They can be used on top of buildings in cities, on balconies, on people’s back porches, and in classrooms! Growing vegetables without pesticides also makes plants taste completely different. Additionally, students will learn about a local food bank and how they get their food, how it’s sometimes expired, and how it’s completely dependent on donations. Students will be able to donate these fresh vegetables to the local food bank to give nutritious non-packaged food to people in need.