Heather Laurie, Wine for Good

Wine for Good, AustraliaHeather Laurie is a passionate activist for social and environmental change in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia. She is currently working on a project to establish and launch “Wine for Good” — an organization that will market organic wines to raise funds for non-profit environmental groups in Australia. As these non-profit environmental groups depend mostly on the government for funding, Heather says it is essential to establish independent sources of income so that the groups can continue their work.

Wine for Good and established web-based wine distributor www.organicwines.com.au will work together to create labels, take orders, and distribute their organic wines. At least $1 of every bottle sold will be payed to Wine for Good. Of these profits, 50% will be used for marketing and 50% will be distributed to chosen environmental groups. Each wine will have a specific issue label, the first one being “The Great Barrier Reef,” as it is under threat. The project is meant to give legal wine drinkers the option of purchasing a competitively priced, organic bottle of wine that supports an environmental cause.

Funding from the Pollination Project will go towards marketing and outreach.