Heather Laurie- Olly the Activist Dog

383696_145331588949821_583895151_nHeather Laurie and her dog, Olly, live in Townsville, North Queensland, Australia.  During their walks along a popular 3km strip of beachfront called The Strand, Heather and Olly come into contact with up to 1,000 people on any given weekend morning.  Last Fall, as a way to engage people around current issues, Olly started carrying a lightweight sign with a message about an important activist cause or campaign.  Heather uses the sign (and Olly’s cuteness) to engage people around the issue by handing out leaflets, collecting signatures and taking photos.  She sends photos of Olly with each weeks’ message to relevant politicians, decision makers and media.  She also shares Olly’s messages widely on his Facebook Page and via his twitter feed – @ollyactivistdog.  Heather says the photos are meant to inspire others to think about what they themselves can do, when seeing the impact a small dog with a lightweight sign with just 3 words can have.

TPP is funding Heather and Olly to create a professionally-made video of Olly’s exploits that will be marketed and shared with a targeted group of organizations and via social media.  Check the TPP site for updates- we’ll post the video when it is ready!