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Heather Goretski

Heather Goretski N.P.S Girl Scouts – Valhalla Elementary Native Plant Garden

Date grant awarded: August 18, 2018

Engaging children in creating habitats for wildlife in their own backyard or at their school has many benefits. Exposure to the outdoors has a direct correlation with emotional and physical health, and academic success as well as predicts future environmental awareness and activism. Low-income children often have limited access to green space, so it is important to create this opportunity for the students at Valhalla Elementary. It is their mission to create a native plant pollinator garden to use as a science-learning lab. They hope to encourage and support other Federal Way Public Schools with similar gardens for their science classes by sharing their experiences, knowledge, and resources via a science blog for children and educators to help get them started on similar environmental endeavors.

This project has five distinct, yet intertwined goals:

1. Connecting low-income children to nature.
2. Creating future stewards of the environment.
3. Planting native plant gardens to provide food, shelter, and water to pollinator species.
4. Communicating to a large audience the importance of exposing children to nature and planting native plants for wildlife.
5. Creating a corridor of native pollinator gardens across the district.

This grant from The Pollination Project will allow them to purchase the tools, benches, storage space and garden materials necessary to make this and future gardening projects possible. It is with sincere gratitude that they would like to thank The Pollination Project for this opportunity.

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