Dania Carter - Heart of Courage

Heart of Courage – Mentors for Courage

Heart of Courage, serving Dallas County and nearby Texas communities, was formed to help mothers who have children in the foster care system. The goal is to unite families and build better futures for the mothers and their child.

Mentors for Courage is a 12-month program designed to match every mother in the program with a volunteer mentor. The mentor will meet with them on a regular basis to help them meet their goals and ultimately become self-sufficient.

Heart of Courage believes that the Mentoring for Courage program is vital to the success of the family reunification journey. The Mentors for Courage program, along with our other services, helps the mothers stay grounded and focused on developing their attitude, goals and expectations. The dedicated mentors provide emotional support, friendship, and inspiration to their mentees as they take on this long, sometimes difficult journey to reunite with their child.