Hayu Patria, Our Seeds Our Future, Impact Grant 20162016-12-22T10:46:21+00:00
Hayu Patria and Adam Breasley - Our Seeds, Our Future

Hayu Patria, Our Seeds Our Future, Impact Grant 2016

Grantee Name: Hayu Patria
Project Name: Our Seeds Our Future
Grant Location: Indonesia, Indonesia

Funding Partner:  Our 2016 Crowdfunding Donors

Project Description: Agroecology combines science and sustainable agriculture practices. Upon returning from agroecology course last year in India, Indonesian participants agreed to form a network called Jaringan Agroekologi Indonesia (JAGA Indonesia) or Agroecology Network of Indonesia, it is a network of farmers, women, consumers, producers, artists who believe in food system that nourishes people and environment.

Project Location Map:

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