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Harris Namutebi, Menstrual Hygiene in Mityana’s Schools

Harris Namutebi is a sociologist in Uganda working to support female children in going to school by educating them about menstruation and menstrual pads.

In Mityana, Uganda, recent reports show that more than 80% of female students have limited access to menstrual pads, leaving many young women without sanitary, hygienic materials. In addition to the adverse health effects of unsafe sanitary products, many female students in the region choose not to attend school during menstruation, resulting in chronic absenteeism and grade deflation.

Harris’ project, Menstrual Hygiene in Mityana’s Schools, will provide educators and students in Mityana’s Busimbi sub-county with training on the production of reusable menstrual pads (RUMPs) and menstrual hygiene.  Additionally, Harris will provide students and their families with education on the biological aspects of menstruation, as well as strategies for supporting the academic advancement of female students.

Through the program Harris hopes to improve the lives of more than 120 students and achieve a reduction in female absenteeism by the fall of 2015.

GRANT AWARD DATE: September 23, 2015

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