Vivian Williams-Kurutz – Harlem Wellness Center

Date grant awarded: April 2, 2018

Grantee Name: Vivian Williams-Kurutz
Project Name: Harlem Wellness Center
Grant Location: New York, NY, USA

Project Description: The mission of Harlem Wellness Center is to educate, motivate and support life-long healthy living practices in Harlem. The “Better With Age project” is an initiative of Harlem Wellness Center designed to support older adults in aging well. Through social engagement, meaningful work, physical activity and economic reinforcement, Harlem Wellness Center supports older adults in combating cognitive decline, loneliness, depression, negative response to life-stressors and physical decline. Access to an experienced and skilled labor pool in turn provides the organization with much needed and high quality program support. The program focuses on community elders by valuing and utilizing their unique talents and skills developed over a lifetime as ongoing opportunities to enrich their community and the world. Seniors participate in meaningful service work that includes physical activity, cognitive engagement, social interaction and leadership roles. This work- service model conjoins the valuable assets of elders with a structure to improve their physical, mental and economic wellbeing.