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Picture of a typical washroom in Uganda.

Hands of Action Uganda, Washroom Construction

Budada district in Eastern Uganda is one of the most prominent areas in the country affected by landslides, which inevitably affect the community’s access to education and clean and safe water. Due to this, many people suffer from water related diseases, such as diarrhea, and thus a high absenteeism rate from school. Mukhobeh Moses Khaukha and his group,Hands of Action, is addressing concern through the construction of washrooms, helping the community to live in a clean environment.

Hands of Action is a community-based group that was established by farmers dedicated to empowering rural communities. During their initial seed grant from TPP, they worked to alleviate poverty and provide environmental education by planting 1,500 fruit trees and wood loads. The project allowed for those of all ages to acquire knowledge in environmental education as well as access to nutritional food and fuel. With the additional $300 as a flow fund recipient, Mukhobeh will be able to construct an additional washroom plus plant more fruit trees. This will play a large part in the community since there is currently only one washroom at the school being utilized by all. With this work, the spread of disease will decrease while access to balanced meals increase.

For more information about Hand of Action and their project, please visit their website or Twitter.

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