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Hands of Action Uganda, One Million Trees

One Million TreesHands of Action, Uganda is a community based group created by a group of farmers in the Bududa district of Uganda.  They are dedicated to empowering rural communities.

Hands of Action seeks to alleviate poverty and provide environmental education by planting one million fruit trees and wood loads in the community. The first phase of the Fruit Tree Project will take place in four local primary schools, and will offer selected students indigenous environmental knowledge and practice, while supplying food and wood for the school. The Fruit Tree Project aims to address both the food and fuel shortages in the area by providing affordable nutritional fruits for children and woodlots for every family with a child in primary school.

Two of the main goals of the project are to provide children with a mid-day meal so that they can concentrate on their studies throughout the day, and to promote sustainable agriculture and environmental knowledge in pupils to help them realize, appreciate, and solve their own socio-economic problems at home. The project will also supplement the school feeding program to encourage school attendance.  As they grow, they hope to extend the project to five more schools in the area, and are also working to reach marginalized and vulnerable groups like the elderly and people with disabilities.

Funding from the Pollination Project will help with the planting and monitoring of 1,500 trees.


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