Dina Andrew Kikuli, Hance Njobelo and Tanyada Maluwa – HD Agribusiness-Women In Agribusiness Empowerment

Date grant awarded: July 27, 2018

Dina Andrew Kikuli is the founder and Hance Njobelo and Tanyada Maluwa are her partners of Women in Agribusiness Empowerment, a project located in Mbeya, Tanzania that aims to empower women who are in agribusiness through capacity building. Their capacities will be built and strengthened through training, mentoring, and coaching. The women will also be provided with financial support through the provision of small loans and they will be linked with microfinance institutions.

The project is targeting small-scale farmers and traders of agricultural products (women in agribusiness) with the expectation that the livelihood of these women, their families, and their communities will improve as the result of positive growth and expansion of their agribusiness ventures. This should happen with their new skills, knowledge, experience, and financial support that will be obtained from the project.