Haleigh Schreyer – Global Pitch Competition – The New Minds

The New Minds is located in a small village in Norway, however our members span the world. The team members are comprised of Haleigh Schreyer (Canada), Anna Sene (Senegal), and Dickyi Lhamo (Tibet). The project is aimed at creating both Norwegian and English language and cultural learning classes for local immigrants and refugees in the community. Many local immigrants and refugees end up moving to large cities because they do not feel integrated or included in their local community. This project aims to help them be better integrated into the country, while also giving them a free opportunity to focus on bettering their language skills and to help them learn more about Norwegian culture.

We were inspired to start this project because our school will run local camps and programs for local asylum seekers, however we found out this year that the Norwegian government would no longer be providing funding for the programs and therefore we felt the need to be able to carry on the relationship that our school has with local refugees and immigrants while also providing a service for them.

A grant from The Pollination Project will allow us to get transportation for refugees and immigrants, snacks for the program, craft supplies, and money for books to help the participants be able to consolidate their learning. All of the money goes towards the running of the program for the local immigrants and refugees.