HADY Guiding Services – Empowering guides and porters for better safety and leisure

Date grant awarded: June 10, 2018

“Empowering Guides and Porters for Better Safety and Leisure”. is a project carried out at the foot of Mount Cameroon National Park area. Hilary Nyusemo Chin, is the coordinator of this project. This project aimed at imparting Guides and Porters in these fine touristic site with required kills needed for safety of our community, National and International visitors.

These are young men and women from the ages of 18 through 35years Old.They live in Buea in the different disadvantage communities. While the city and communities are striving towards development with the population of two hundred inhabitants, Youth unemployment is at it highest, couple with the fact that, over 55% of the poor in Cameroon lived in the rural areas. At the end of the training we will have twenty five certified First/Aid young expert who will take the skills gain to other communities and Organizations.

These are the same challenges that I grew up facing so by asking our selves Ten years ago how to address these challenges, it let to the creation of the Humanitarian Association Of Dynamic Youth (HADY) With one of our objective to Empower Youths for future employment Opportunities. This grant will enable us go a long way after kick starting a life changing project we are embarking on.