Haben Ghebremeschel - Bond Unbroken

Haben Ghebremeschel – Bond Unbroken – Online Tigrinya Language Course

Date grant awarded: 09/08/2017

Bond Unbroken’s Tigrinya Language course program was created with the goal of helping young and older adults better connect with their culture through language. By offering free beginner and conversation courses online, they are slowly enriching and strengthening the lives of the Eritrean diaspora, as well as allowing for the promotion and accessibility of the Eritrean culture. The course is offered for free to all individuals and provides materials procured from Tigrinya language instructors from around the country. They use workbooks, instructional videos, software, exercise worksheets, webinars and dual language children’s books to aid the students in their learning. Bond Unbroken plans to introduce more programs to further build capacity and identity for the Eritrean diaspora around the world.